About us

About us

Vision and foundations

The founder and originator is Mr. Krzysztof Bartosiak, a certified analyst in the field of functional diagnostics with over 15 years of experience. During his many years of practice, he has carried out thousands of research in the field of sickness analysis. Today, he uses his knowledge and experience to design and manufacture globally dermocosmetics with a documented therapeutic effect, cosmetics containing unique nanotechnology.




We know for sure that beauty and health are directly related to each other. That's why our products work differently than even the best cosmetics. We are probably the only producer in Europe and one of the few in the world of products based on precious metal nanoparticles made by laser ablation. The technology that works is proven and safe.


Our beliefs

Take care of yourself. Take care of your health and beauty. It will build in you confidence and satisfaction that you can pass on to others. This, in turn, opens up further possibilities. Step by step, become the ambassador of the NanoBeauty brand. An ambassador who sets himself the limits of acting. Think where it can lead you?



NanoBeauty community

We create an international community. We send our products to almost every corner of the world. They are already helping to look after health and beauty in more than a dozen countries. We place great emphasis on educating society in the area of health and beauty. Thanks to the lectures and educational materials we issue, you will learn how to care for yourself and your loved ones.na.


Earning with NanoBauty is very easy. You buy selected products for yourself, use them and recommend them to other people. If they also buy our products, you will receive a commission. Simple, right? If your friends also recommend our products to your friend, you also get commissions! Do you like such a business? Our plan is simple: recommend health and beauty. Will you join us?