NanoSerum Total Body

NanoSerum Total Body

Innovative serum for daily care of total body

Intensively rejuvenating serum supporting biological regeneration of the skin with additional active anti-wrinkle action. Designed for daily care of the whole body.

Obtained thanks to the spatial, stable structure of nanoparticles of gold, silver, silicon, zinc and the L-ascorbic acid. Protects the structure of collagen fibers of the skin and accelerates their regeneration. It restores the beautiful color of the skin through effective biological regeneration at the level of the epidermis and its support layers. The efficacy and tolerance of the serum has been tested under dermatological control.

To accelerate the effects, it is worth using the products in the following order before using the Total Body nanoSerum:
-professional nanoLotion micellar liquid
-professional nanoToner

Form of substance: gel, colorless, neutral, odorless, , no stains on underwear or clothing.

Volume: 15 ml

Club price: 78,00 €  (VAT included)

  • Activates natural processes of self-cleaning and regeneration of the skin
  • Supports the physiology of skin breathing and deep self-cleaning
  • Reducing stretch marks and reducing their visibility
  • Firming, moisturizing and smoothing the skin
  • Gives the skin elasticity and smoothness
  • Eliminates the feeling of dry skin
  • Restores the natural pH of the skin
  • Supports the effects of other cosmetics by gently transferring their active ingredients into the skin
  • Confirmed by specialist tests carried out on probands under strict dermatological control