NanoComponent Ag(nano)

NanoComponent Ag(nano)

Nano component of metalic silver

True, stable, non-ion preparation with metallic silver nanoparticles made by laser ablation method; it does not cluster, maintains its colour and biophysical properties.

Silver nanoparticles are in the dispersive, suspensive aqueous solution with the concentration of 100 ppm/l, which is clear and absorbs solar light and it is optically brown. It is generally known that it can show beneficial effects in the case of infectious diseases: bacterial, viral, fungoid and protozoan-related. In practice, this solution is applied in a dosage selected by a physician or licensed therapist, individually to physiological needs and applied therapy.

Volume: 500 ml

Price: 46,00 EUR (VAT included)

“The description of the properties of the preparation in this communication is exclusively of an informative nature. In the case of disease seek medical advice and follow your physician’s recommendations. Treatment with the preparation in no way replaces treatment advised by the physician. The product is not a drug, dietary supplement or food of special purpose! Application of the product depends exclusively on the invention of the buyer.”