NanoMinerals Oil

NanoMinerals Oil

An intensive regenerative treatment for joint’s skin and its deep support layers

An innovative preparation with intensive action, extremely effective formula in the supply of skin around the joints. Created in accordance with holistic physical cosmetology. It combines the action of traditional soothing substances with the action of nanoparticles of metallic silver, gold and other metals. Through a cosmetic, transdermal effect it relieves discomfort of people suffering from arthritis of various etiologies. It protects against skin roughness, especially effective in improving its elasticity when combined with nanoSerum Total Body.

Form of substance: gel, colorless, neutral, odorless, no stains on underwear or clothing.

Volume: 50 ml

Retail price: 78,00 € (VAT included)

Club price: 48,00 €  (VAT included)

  • Intensive regeneration of the skin
  • Improving skin elasticity
  • Reduction of cracks and stretch marks
  • Regeneration of a deep layer of supporting skin
  • Confirmed by specialist tests carried out on probands under strict dermatological control